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Your first visit

Such a pleasure that you are preparing for your first visit to Almere Dental! We look forward to getting acquainted. Below you can see an outline of the steps we take to tailor the first appointment to your personal needs.

This first appointment lasts +/- 30 minutes. The dentist will perform a general examination to check the health of your teeth and gums. We also ask you to fill out a health questionnaire beforehand. If necessary, we will take a panoramic x-ray of your teeth and/or two small x-rays. This is necessary to accurately determine and monitor the condition of the teeth. We think it is important to inform you well in advance. Therefore, below is a list of the nationally established declaration codes.

C001 Consultation for an intake
X10 Making and assessing small X-ray photo
X10 Making and assessing small X-ray photo
X21 Making and assessing maxillofacial photo

If you have any old photos or files from your old dentist, please send them to info@almeredental.nl. For privacy reasons we are not allowed to request this information, you may do this yourself.

Based on this intake we will draw up a treatment plan together with you.

Wij verwelkomen je graag in onze huiselijke praktijk in Almere